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Welcome To Investor Relations 2.0. A New & Better Way To Get Noticed!

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Your message will be directly delivered to our audience of large independent money managers.

Collectively, the firms that have come on the show manage over +$400 Billion!

In fact, in order to come on the show, each person must manage over $100 million dollars.

Most of guests manage between $500M-$5B!

That's a lot of fire power!

Imagine your message reaching our audience.

Week in and week out. Like clockwork.

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Our 2-Step Process

Highest R.O.I. MESSAGE

The first step in our process is to help you create a powerful message that resonates well with investors.

Just about "everyone" thinks they have the right message but most IR messages fall short.

We are data-driven and work with you until your message hits the mark. We want to help you have a better R.O.I. for your IR efforts.


A compelling story and proper positioning alone are not enough to move the needle.

Once we have the "right" message we send it to actual decision makers (a.k.a. buyers) that are interested and able to invest.


Investor Relations 2.0

If your current IR efforts are not giving you the results you want, it is time for something new.

Welcome to Investor Relations 2.0!

Attention is binary, you either give attention or you get attention.

We are in the business of getting You (A LOT) of Attention!

Success Begets Success

Adam Sarhan

Adam is the author of the #1 best selling investing book, Psychological Analysis. He is results driven. His Smart Money Circle show is available all over the world, on every major podcast platform, on YouTube, on AdvisorHub, and on, among other places.

Adam's team has one goal: Get You Attention from the Smart Money! Our audience are actual decision makers, real money managers, who are looking for "new" and "good" ideas. Adam has built one of the largest networks of professional investors in the world! If you want to reach our audience, please send us an email: info[at]FindLeadingStocks[dot]com.

Please visit: to see our guests and learn more.

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Our investor relations team is designed to give you results. We are only in business by delivering results. It is very simple. Give us a call today to learn more: 212.222.8000.

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