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Most people get stuck in the weeds and over analyze the market.
They look at the trees (every “tick, tweet, or headline”) and they end up missing the forest (the big moves).
We are here to change that.

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Smart Money vs Dumb Money 

When it comes to money, people fall into one of two circles: The Smart Money Circle or The Dumb Money Circle. Just about everyone starts out in the dumb money circle and very few people ascend into the smart money circle. Most people (sadly) stay in the dumb money circle forever. Very few, less than 5-10% of the population, enter the smart money circle – and stay there.  We are here to change that.  

See The Forest, Not The Trees
We offer a monthly newsletter that is packed with fact-based market and educational content. So you can see the forest and not get caught up in focusing on the leaves on the tree (daily and intra day noise). 

Everyone Starts Off In The Dumb Money Circle, You Don’t Have To Stay There….

More Reasons To Join…

Learn How To Take Money Out Of The Market

The smart money knows how to take money OUT of the market. The dumb money puts money into the market.

Make Rational, Not Emotional, Decisions

The smart money knows how to remove their emotions from the equation and we know how to make rational, not emotional decisions. The dumb money makes emotional (and biased) decisions.  

Monthly Smart Money Newsletter

Get access to our monthly smart money newsletter. Once a month get access to our monthly newsletter which is packed with educational information that will help you stay one step ahead of the crowd. 


Profit from our experience. We have excellent customer service and are here to help you successfully navigate the market. 

FindLeadingStocks Report

Get access to our weekly Find Leading Stocks (FLS) report, a model portfolio with exact entry and exit signals, intra-week updates, and 10 new elite stock setups each week.

More Member Perks
As a smart money member, you also get access to our exclusive private member-Only Webinars, 1-on-1 Coaching/Mentoring & Special Master Mind Workshops

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Profit From Our Expertise…

Adam NYSE April 2017
Adam Sarhan

Founder & CEO

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Vera Anderson

Founder Global Elements Consulting

Stephen Klein

Global Macro

Sarah Jean

Smart Money Engineer

Few More Reasons To Join


Make Great Decisions

The secret to achieving any major goal in life (and beating the market for that matter) is to learn how to make great decisions. In order to make great decisions, you must learn how to make rational, not emotional, decisions and accurately weigh the potential risks and the rewards. Just like many things in life, it is a simple theory but difficult to execute in real-time.


Psychological Analysis

The real “skill” necessary to beating the market is psychological analysis and, at the most basic level, that is self-mastery. We have learned that mastering your inner game (your psychology) is 99% and the mechanics is only 1% of the equation. 


Not Taught In Business School

Before we go any further, it is important to note that what we are about to share with you is not taught in business school and does not come from shiny academic textbooks. It comes from the real-world, building wealth, accumulating knowledge, overcoming losses, and massive setbacks, and figuring out what works and what doesn’t work in a real-world. And we give it to you in a simple and easy to use manner.



Happiness Guaranteed

Everything we do is based on educating our members and it is backed by our 100% guarantee. If, at anytime, you feel that you are not 100% happy you are free to cancel as there are no contracts or commitments.


“I joined just over 1 year ago after spending time using IBD and marketsmith. As a Doctor/business owner, putting the necessary time in to research the markets was a daunting task and I wasn’t making any progress. The FLS service has allowed me to stay in step with the market and continue to invest my own money rather than handing it over to a financial institution. The only difference is I am making money! My account went up over 20% in the first year. Thank you Adam and I look forward to learning from you in the years to come.”
Anthony L.
Anthony L.B.C. Canada
“I have been searching for a service I can trust for several years and finally have found your service that actually teaches the ins and outs of trading with outstanding ideas. My whole family thanks you!!!”
Mark K.
Mark K.Michigan
“Everybody needs to bounce an idea at a critical moment off a trusted mentor.When you e-mail Adam you usually get an answer within 30 minutes, often almost immediately. Great newsletter but the security of the highly available mentor is what really gives me the extra value I am comfortable with. Tried many different services over the years – each have a plus. Been winning with Adam for 7 years now and won’t be leaving.”
Michael S.
Michael S.New York, NY

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