The Successful Approach of Trading Commodities

An average individual can become a successful commodity trader if he is going to adopt a one hundred percent mechanical approach. This is the best solution so that emotional influences are minimized because emotional drawbacks can destroy the decision making of a trader.

If you are encountering problems in commodity trading, the more you should become mechanical in the approach you are going make, so that there is a greater chance of better results. A one hundred percent mechanical approach means that you would find the most important step in finding a perfect system that will help you solve the risks being faced.

However, a perfect system can be a great approach for a particular month but can turn lousy on the next. Perfect systems refer to a perfect mechanical approach that will solve the problems or risks being faced in commodity trading.

A non-trending market for now could be a trend tomorrow. There is only a short period of time span. You can never find an indicator that tells what type of market that will boom in the future or when is the best time to trade your commodity. The best system that you will mechanically apply is the one being tested or have shown a job well done in the history of commodity trading.

Make sure that if you use the system, it will help you gain profitability in the future. One perfect system that could be applied is diversifying your capital and time frames. Diversify as much of your capital using a relatively long-term system. Remember that one system is enough but trading several systems is not bad using different markets.

The most efficient method is using the long term trading system. It is because you are holding the winning trades in a longer time span increasing your average profit in every trade compared to the short term trading system. As the time frame goes shorter and shorter, the average profits will also decrease. However, there is a less percentage in marginal error because the trading costs, commissions, slippage, and asked/bid spread remain the same.

Comparing the two systems of commodity trading, short term trading decreases its trading efficiency causing big trouble in the future, but long term trading system can still make money. Short term trading could make the most of your capital if your chosen system can freely move from one market to another looking for the best opportunities.

The real purpose of diversifying is to shorten the time frame in order for the equity curve to stay smooth so that it could take advantage of the periods when the congestion of markets happened in the long-term time frame.

Your personality in trading commodities is a big factor. You can use additional capital in diversifying a long-term system or simply add contracts in the market that you are currently trading. This approach can offer you the highest probability of creating long-term profits and earn the highest value of expected profits.

Choose among the well-selected groups of diversified markets. Develop your discipline, patience and have the courage in keeping your system traded until you achieve the long-term effects. Don’t be afraid to exploit statistical advantage of following the trends of future markets.

Remember that trading a good and adequate system, which is not over curve fitted and spending a considerable time in the selection of a good market to trade in is the right mechanical approach of achieving success in trading commodity.

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