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The Smart Money Circle show shares timeless advice with investors.
That's why our audience is growing very fast!
Just like in ancient battles, the right strategy is king...
And Let’s Be Real, Investor Relations Is Timeless.
Telling the world about your stock is a battle worth fighting.

Monthly Packages

Level I - Sparta Package

Reach 2,000 New Investors Every 30 Days, Guaranteed.

  • Every month, we will send out 2,000 highly targeted direct response emails and phone calls, telling new investors about your stock.
  • Best part, we do all the work and report back to you weekly with our results.
  • Get a custom portal you can access 24/7 with custom stats about your campaign. This way you can see the stats in real time.
  • Plus we will send you an email each week with the highlights of the 1-on-1 meetings we took.
  • Kick off your campaign with a bang — think of it as your own “This is Sparta!” moment.
  • Spread your message across our platform and tell 2,000 new investors about your stock every 30 days, guaranteed.
  • Act Fast: Spartans didn’t wait around to be attacked. They took the fight to their enemies. Grab this package, and let’s start your campaign with the same ferocity.
Level II - Viking Package

Reach 10,000 New Investors In The Next 30 days, Guaranteed.
(5x More Investors In 30 Days)


Everything in Level I, plus:

Reach 5x More Investors.
In Level II you will reach 10,000 investors via direct response targeted emails and phone calls over the next 30 days, guaranteed.

Your saga will be sung in a dedicated campaign that makes your stock the stuff of legends, just like the tales of Norse gods and heroes.
Act Now: Vikings were explorers, always seeking new lands. It’s your turn to discover new investors in the market.

Level III - The Samurai Package

5x More Value Than Level II - Reach 50,000 Investors In 30 Days, Guaranteed.


Everything in Level I and II, plus:

Get 5x more value than Level II and 25x more value than Level 1!

Move Quickly: Samurai mastered the art of the quick draw. In the market, timing is everything. Grab this package, and let’s make your move with precision and honor.

Level IV - The Warrior Package

Reach More Investors Than Any Other IR Firm On The Planet! Reach 1,500,000 Investors In 90 Days, Guaranteed.


5x more value than Level III!
25x more value than Level II!
750x more value than Level I!

Lead a charge of 100,000 targeted emails, each one a declaration of your commitment to not just compete but to rule your sector.

Reign over the market with four cornerstone episodes, each a testament to your company’s chivalry, strategy, and heart — a true Knight’s tale.

Don’t Wait: Knights were about action, not just words. This is your moment to step up, to lead with courage and make your mark. Let’s not just tell your story; let’s etch it in history.

Why Us? It’s Simple.

Win Your Battles: With us, you’re not just another company; you’re a warrior on the battlefield of the market, equipped with the best weapons.

Leave a Legacy: Just like the Spartans, Vikings, Samurai, and Knights, your name will be remembered, revered, and respected.

Get The Treasure = Grow Your Shareholder Base:
It’s not just about fighting; it’s about winning, about securing the spoils of investor relations — investors, growth, and a legendary market cap.

The Time to Act Is Now

Results come to those who take action.
History waits for no one.
Every warrior knows that the moment to strike is when the iron is hot. And let me tell you, it’s sizzling.
With Smart Money Circle, you’re not just stepping into the arena; you’re aiming for the throne. Let’s make history together.

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